Friday, June 27, 2008

Project created at

Hi everybody !
The Diamond Powder project has been created at
This blog is going to be supplied with examples, tips and articles about the use of this framework.

About Diamond Powder:
  • Diamond Powder is an open source Java ME framework that speeds up the creation of data collectors inside MIDP applications.
  • By data collector we understand a software component, that helps the user to quickly take note of informations, and also manages the storage of such information.
  • In order to describe a data collector (forms, fields, help messages) Diamond Powder uses a simple and straightforward format - aka schema, based on key-value pairs, that resembles LCDUI API.
  • A data collector schema can be stored inside the device or delivered at runtime.
  • The central point of Diamond Powder is that a schema is parsed at runtime and rendered as a sequence of LCDUI forms to allow user input.
  • At the end of user interaction Diamond Powder is able to store gathered data, and to deliver it to another MIDP application layer (validation, network, ...).
  • It is based on MIDP 1.0 and CLCD 1.0, and fits for NetBeans Mobility Pack.

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