Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Hello World, step by step on NetBeans

This step by step is based on NetBeans 6.1 with Mobility Pack.
Check this out: besides schema sintax there are only two Diamond Powder API elements to learn - a constructor and a method.
Download Diamond Powder JAR and this hello world sample project at

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  1. Hi
    I tried the hello world example and it runs, but when the collector page comes up, I get a black screen, instead of the fields that your pictures show. Why would this be?

  2. Hello,

    What version of Diamond Powder you're using ?
    Would you mind sending the project you're trying to run to ?

  3. I am using version 0.4 I also sent you a copy of my netbeans 6.1 project.

  4. Dean-O

    From the first time I was able to run your project without problems, and the collector worked as expected.

    So I tried to change a method call inside getCollector() method, and all of a sudden my NetBeans (6.1) messed up the source code, changing the constructor parameters from new Collector(getDisplay(), getSchema(), "basicRecord") to new Collector(null,null,null). Besides NB removed the code indentation.

    From this point, of course, the collector showed up as blank screen, and a NullPointerException was raised.

    Are you experiencing the same with NB ?
    Any stack trace message ?

    I had to fix the Collector constructor parameters to get it back to work.


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