Thursday, September 25, 2008

Roger Brinkley at Just Java 2008

This year Just Java 2008 (a very important Brazilian Java conference) was remarkable, due to the presence of Roger Brinkley (the gentleman playing golf on the stage, below) - who is a Senior Engineer at Sun Microsystems and the Mobile & Embedded Community Leader at

Roger attended our congress to talk about several subjects concerning Java ME development:

In the picture below Roger attached a Sun Spot device at the end of his club and measured his "swing" in the graphics on the left.

Not only did he brought essential and up to date information to our community, but also interview Brazilian ME project developers, in order to disseminate such initiatives through Java Mobility Podcast.

In this context Diamond Powder was presented to him, and we discussed the project in a interview, released on Java Mobility Podcast.

In the next post I'll show a Time Sheet project, based on Diamond Powder, that was shown to Roger and used as example to present Diamond Powder to the Brazilian Java Community during the congress.

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